We Design With Passion

high quality solutions for modern home and mass timber architecture

What do we do?

A Company You Can Trust

With a strong understanding of the latest technologies and knowledge of design practice, sustainability standards, we are always looking for new ways to expand our imagination and explore all ways to reach its maximum potential.
  • Motivated People
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Think creatively

Who We Are

The structure of our company enables us to obtain high quality and extraordinarily personalized results. This is possible by dedicating ourselves to a smaller number of clients and have more time working side by side with our clients and coming up with solutions to satisfy their needs.

Mass Timber Design

 Mass timber detailing and energy efficient panelised building systems. We as mass timber designers support your project and provide the necessary technical experience throughout the build process.

Architectural Drafting / Design

 We are experienced architectural / construction drafters with many years of experience on ArchiCAD. Working with home owners, builders and developers providing innovative services, by seamlessly integrating the imagination of design with the practicalities of the building requirements.

Construction Management

For each project we stablish relationships with partners who we know will help us create added value for your project. As well as bringing together the public and private sector, gather knowledge and learn from each other.

Your Project is our Project

Despite our experience, we never miss an opportunity to learn more. We love to research, explore new possibilities and to learn new skills and techniques.
Whether you want to build your own house or you are a architect, builder, developer, mass timber producer, we are here to help!